About Amanda

I have always felt an instinctive desire to paint. There has never been a time in my life when I have not practiced art or thought deeply about it. I cannot imagine my life without the opportunity to create. I am essentially self taught, but it was my mother who helped to focus my attention on detail. She gave me an awareness of beauty in the little things that surround us everywhere. She is my teacher.

A very deep appreciation of nature was passed onto me from both parents and extended family. I am so grateful to have had that influence as a child. From bushwalking and boating in local lakes to picking mushrooms and saving tadpoles from fast evaporating ponds, it was all a very big part of my life in and around the Grampians National park. I spent hours staring at the wings of dragonflies and the intricacies of the smallest wildflowers, marvelling at how clever Mother Nature was!

From those early times I have felt compelled to enhance what I see and create an everlasting memory of it. My own experiences with the environment and nature are depicted in a pleasant way. I want to celebrate beauty in it’s most simplistic form. Uncomplicated and clean. I like to think there is a clarity to my work that addresses order and randomness, both which co-exist in nature perfectly.

In more recent times, I have become increasingly drawn to some of the lesser known native flora species, especially those from the Grampians region in Victoria. It gives me immense pleasure to give these exquisite little plants a platform all of their own in the form of a well crafted botanical painting. I consider a painting to be a wonderful form of visual education. Educating and increasing people’s awareness of the beauty in the natural world around us is a mission of mine.

Through increased awareness comes increased appreciation and ultimately conservation! This I hope, will help to ensure that all children of tomorrow can have the opportunities I had as a child.